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Full text of "Umberto Romano: November 15-30, 1934."

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NCVE/HEEC 1<5-3C • 1934 

r THHE appointment this year of Umberto Romano as Instructor in AcL 
vanced Drawing and Figure Painting at the Worcester Art Museum 
School lends an added interest to this retrospective exhibition of his work. 
Mr. Romano, who was born in Italy not yet thirty years ago, came to 
Springfield as a child and started painting at the age of nine. Studying at 
the Tiffany Foundation and at the National Academy of Design where he 
won the Pulitzer Traveling Fellowship in 1926, he completed his training 
at the American Academy in Rome. Here he developed an instinctive taste 
for the classical conventions of the Italian Renaissance which appear 
throughout his earlier works. Few painters in America today have the 
combination of dexterity, color-sense, and craftsmanship with which Ro- 
mano is endowed. Not content with standing still and working out a for- 
mula in the popular fashion of the moment, he is experimenting continuously 
with new forms and new ideas. The Romano canvas of today will not be 
that of tomorrow. One looks forward eagerly to what the next few years 
may add to his already considerable accomplishment. 

Romano has been the recipient of many honors and awards in the princi- 
pal national exhibitions in which he has participated. He has had one-man 
shows at the Rehn Galleries, the Empire Galleries in New York and at the 
Grace Home Galleries in Boston. His works may be found at the Worcester 
Art Museum, Fogg Art Museum, The Springfield Museum of Fine Arts, 
Rhode Island School of Design, Addison Gallery, Andover, and at the Smith 
College Museum of Art. He is also represented in the collections of A. 
Conger Goodyear, Stephen C. Clark, and at the Cathedral of Salerno. 

Francis Henry Taylor 



1 Sentry 

2 Sonata 

3 Christus of the Northwest 

4 Portrait of Wallace V. Camp 

Lent by the Springfield National Bank 

5 New England Tragedy 

6 Susanna and the Elders 

7 Dahlias and Roses 

8 Mona 

9 Portrait of Roma del Serra 

10 Dorothea 

11 Hunter with Dog 

12 Portrait of an Artist 

13 Roma 

14 Prelude 

15 Jeannette 

16 Diana 

17 The Hunter 

Owned by the Worcester Art Museum 

18 Meditation 

19 Rimpianto (Reflection) 

20 Ex-Follies Girl 

21 Requiem 

22 Landscape 

23 Gladiolas 

24 Tiger Lilies 

25 Vermont Hillside 

26 Florentine Head 

27 Joanna Reclining 

28 Landscape 

29 Daisies 

30 Magnolia on Chair 

31 Benedict and Benedictine 

32 West Boylston Road 

33 jova and the mandolin 

34 Portrait of William J. Quilty 

Lent by The Springfield Museum ojFine Arts 

35 Portrait of Professor Hanford M. Burr 

Lent by the International Y.M.C.A. College, 

36 Portrait of Jackie Granfield 

Lent by the Honorable William J. Granfield 

37 Cactus 

38 Judy Reclining 

39 Portrait of James Short 

Lent by Murray Sheehan 

40 The Blue Jay 

Lent by Gustav Lang 

41 Judy 

42 Pears 

43 Tiger Lily 

Lent by Arthur T. Murray 

44 Adagio 

Lent by Mrs. B. S. Horn 

45 Calla Lily 

Lent by Frederick M. Jones 


46 Rocky Neck Railways 

47 Rocky Neck Corner 

48 Group on Balcony 

49 Figure Study 

50 Flowers 


51 The Hunter 

52 Grand Uncle Gaetano 

53 Java 

54 New England Politician 

55 Bolognese Woman 

56 Portrait Head 

57 New England Landscape 

58 Central Park, Spring 


Lent by: 

Mrs. B. S. Horn 
Arthur T. Murray 
Charles Prince 
Miss Priscilla Prince 
Mrs. C. B. Prince 

Mrs. Charles Rome 

The Smith College Museum of Art 

Dr. Francis Teta 

Reynolds Washburn 
Frank L. Whitlock